What Makes us the Best Sustainability Consultancy

What do we do?

To oversimplify it:

We help clients become sustainable and help keep companies compliant. How do we do it?

From helping small businesses to identify their sustainability goals and credentials, all the way to helping big companies collect, track, manage and report their sustainability data. We can help with a plethora of sustainability services, but our bread and butter really is data!

Though almost every business has the ambition to become sustainable, you cant make any significant change until you understand your EHS data. Only then can you implement steps to reducing your planetary impacts.

We can help you to first identify how to collect, or help you to implement better processes for collecting, tracking and reporting anything from emissions data all the way to health and safety data.

Women Led Since Day 1

Being female lead in this industry is as crucial today as it was in 2006, when Charlie started building the company, known back then as Huntstock. The company grew very quickly, and with it came several name changes until Sustainit stuck around. Now in our second generation of the family, Pip Stockford drives the team through the landscape, and helps to bring the best out of anyone in the team.

Be this through giving opportunities to those who may not have access to them, or by helping to develop their careers. Sustainit wants to develop all of our members of the team so that they can reach new heights, and smash career ambitions.

Bristol based sustainability consultants

The city synonymous with sustainability. We can’t imagine Sustainit anywhere else. Though we call Bristol our home, our workforce does span across the Southwest of England to help support working from home, and lowering the commute. Our new home in Clifton, just off from Whiteladies Road we really like to pull the city into what we do! That’s so evident in the commitment to sustainability from our team.

You never have to go more than 5 minutes in any direction to fall in love with the city, and to be reminded about the people who live in the green city. Tenacious, passionate, and bald! The residents of Bristol are pioneers for bringing sustainability into the heart of their homes, work, and communities and we embody that in our working culture.

Team of passionate sustainability experts

With a collection of very highly educated individuals, we make up a team of experts in sustainability, tech and data.

Not to mention, every member of staff having a deep passion and devotion to helping in different areas of sustainability. For example, Megan our Sustainability insights intern is dedicated to air quality and pollution, but Julia is passionate about net zero strategies.

So how does this all help Sustainit, and our clients? With us, you get all of US! Your organisation has access to highly educated, and sustainability driven individuals who could talk to you about a variety of issues all day long. This feeds into every single piece of work we do, as your success is our shared success. A cleaner, greener and happier world benefits us all.

This dedication and commitment to helping any organisation on their sustainability journey is what separates us from the rest, and with over 16 years’ worth of knowledge in the industry, we have a deep pool of experiences we can draw upon.

Years’ worth of client relations

One of the things we pride ourselves on is how long we have been in the industry for. Established in 2006, we have been working clients long before sustainability was a corporate buzz word (though we are glad the industry is now as big as it is). With over 16 years of experience, we’ve seen every type of challenge that can come to our clients, and we’ve helped them through it all.

From helping to collect, track and manage EHS software, to developing net zero strategies, we help our clients put their own emissions and health and safety data at the heart of the plans to achieve their sustainability goals!

Here’s what our clients say about us:

Rima Campanelli: Global IS Lead, Health Safety Environmental, Mondelez

“It has been a pleasure getting to know and working with the SustainIt team this year. Looking forward to another good year as you assist Mondelez International meet their safety and environmental goals by keeping our systems running well”.

Tom Schalenbourg: Director of Sustainable Development, Toyota Material Handling Europe

“Increasing transparency on sustainability has multiple benefits: towards our business partners, it helps us to build trust; inside our company, it helps us to drive better performance.”

Jan Van Rein: Group HSE Analyst, Centrica

“It’s very rare to come across individuals who can deal with the ‘detail’, and come up with creative solutions quickly. It gave me great confidence that I could have a discussion with SustainIt and trust they could do what was needed. Through their efforts, often at short notice due to the nature of my project, we overcame the problems faced and I see that as a key factor in the successful transition to our new system.”

With many more exciting projects and services soon to be announced, make sure you are following along on our socials to see what the next phase brings for Sustainit.