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What we do

ESG and EHS data services

We work with all non-financial data covering ESG and EHS and can help in a variety of ways. Our attention to detail and data accuracy is something we’re well known for, and our name is the seal of approval that your data is of the highest possible quality.

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Data collection, checking and analysis

Getting sustainability data recognised by your key stakeholders isn’t always easy. Non-financial data such as ESG and EHS is sometimes viewed as secondary when in fact, it really shouldn’t be.

We can work alongside your reporting team (or act as that team in smaller organisations) to give this data the prominence it needs. We can simplify and cross-check huge data sets, extract and define stories and produce engaging dashboards to help you paint the clearest picture of where your business sits on its sustainability journey.

Data mapping, strategy and topology

When dealing with large amounts of data, mistakes often slip in, and these can skew the overall picture. Attention to detail is paramount to what we do because data quality and validity is key to understanding the bigger picture.

Ensuring that your data is complete, minimising human error and duplication is imperative and our team can support you in this. By clarifying the business requirements and must-have data points before extracting and analysing it saves time, effort, and results in robust and usable reports.


Excellent data delivers results

We work with all non-financial data, helping our clients improve operations through transparency.

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