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EU Taxonomy
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Your guide to the EU Taxonomy objectives 1 & 2

The EU Taxonomy is a constantly evolving document that has already undergone changes despite being relatively new. The EU is proposing new regulations to improve ESG ratings but this may make voluntary reporting for SMEs even more inaccessible in the short-term. From 2026, listed SMEs in the EU will fall in scope for the CSRD. The first two delegated acts are available, while the delegated act for the remaining 4 objectives is yet to be published.


CSRD Navigator

An ultimate guide to the EU CSRD and its transformative impact on business reporting practices.

Download our CSRD Navigator explaining the ins and outs of the EU Corporate Sustainability Directive with expert insights and visuals.

With a background in environmental law, Sustainability Consultant Amber Rochette answers all of your questions about the reporting requirements of the CSRD.

Wind turbines on the coast at sunset

ESG data strategies for 24/25

Maximising sustainable impact – ESG data strategies for 24/25

How to create a robust data strategy, manage complex supply chains and stay ahead of reporting trends.

Download your free copy of our report navigating ESG data management, providing a roadmap for organisations to drive change while staying ahead of a quickly evolving ESG landscape.


The Sustainit Spotlight is our monthly sustainability data newsletter