About Us.

We’re family-run, independent global sustainability data consultancy. Since 2006, our vision has been the same; to revolutionise how businesses make a positive impact, one data point at a time.

From our home in the green city of Bristol, we help businesses all over the world meet, improve and exceed their sustainability targets, by applying over 40 years of expertise and smart thinking to their non-financial data. By making data meaningful, we can drive positive change in the world.

Family Matters.

Family is central to everything we do. We’re incredibly proud that the idea born at our kitchen table in the Somerset countryside, has grown into a globally renowned sustainability data consultancy.

Our family business – now in its second generation – is built on positivity, collaboration, respect and an independent spirit, which lay the foundation for every project and working relationship. We believe it’s why our long-standing clients are long-standing, and though we’re rarely ones to blow our own trumpet, they tell us they love working with us as an extension of their own sustainability teams.

Better for Business.
Better for the Planet.

Data is far more than a buzzword (though we’re very pleased it’s getting the buzz it should). We harness the power and potential of point-perfect data, to make our clients’ businesses more sustainable, efficient and profitable. Whether we’re working with SMEs or FTSE 500s, we believe that people, profit and the planet can’t ever be mutually exclusive, and that the right decisions have a huge impact on all three.

With over 40 years’ combined industry experience, we combine technical know-how, strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, to make your data will be the most reliable and accurate possible, and tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned sustainability professional, who wants advice on which EHS system to choose, or whether you’re just starting out and don’t know what data to collect in the first place, we can help.

Whatever your business size and model, and no matter where in your sustainability journey you are, we’ll help you make your business smarter and more sustainable.

We’ll take care of the system admin, freeing up your time to focus on coming up with new strategies and great ideas. But if that’s the part you need help with, we can do that too.

We love nothing more than bringing your data alive to engage and inspire people – both inside your organisations and out – to make a positive change.


Think Big.

Start small(ish).

We help businesses at every stage of their sustainability data journey. But regardless of whether we’re helping with data gathering, quality, or system optimisation, right through to creative data visualisation, we’re always driven by the positive change we believe the world needs. The best bit? Every little step makes a big difference – and we’re just getting started.