SustainIt flying the flag for Pride 2019

This weekend (July 13) is the annual Bristol Pride celebration. A time where individuals can come together and celebrate being their true selves. Pride creates a space where people can love who they want and look how they want, without any fear of judgement. Pride celebrations occur all over the world during the months of June, July and August with June being known as Pride month. In celebration of Pride 2019 and to show our support to all our staff as well as the LGBT community we are going to be flying the flag throughout July.

A brief history of Pride:

June is known as Pride month due to the Stonewall police raid and subsequent riots that started in June 1969 in New York City. The riots began at Stonewall Inn in Greenwich village, Manhattan and then subsequent demonstrations by the LGBT community against a police enforcement. This is considered to be the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States.

Following this, the last Sunday in June began to be known as “Gay Pride Day” in the United States with the first pride marches occurring in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles on 28 June 1970. The day is now flexible and different cities all over the world host their own celebrations, some that attract people from all around the globe.

Pride colours and flying the flag:

During June, July and August all over the world, the presence of the rainbow pride flag has become more and more prominent with cities and organisations as well as individuals wanting to show their support of the LGBT community worldwide. The iconic, 8-stripe pattern can be seen all over our city here in Bristol. Gilbert Baker was tasked to design an iconic symbol for the gay community in 1974 – his vision was something bright and colourful with each stripe representing the pillars of belief and acceptance.

Pride in the workplace:

The world around us is becoming seemingly more and more accepting of the community and over the years there has been a significant shift in recognition and a strong push for diversity in many workplaces. This wasn’t always the case and there are still some issues with acceptance in the workplace. The LGBT in Britain – Work Report conducted by Stonewall (an LGBT rights charity in the UK) in April 2018 highlighted some statistics:

From this, it is quite clear that things need to change and Stonewall is urging all companies to support, educate and encourage inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

“Identifying as a lesbian, I find the statistics above hard to digest and feel I am lucky to have personally never experienced any form of homophobic abuse at work and feel comfortable talking about it with colleagues. SustainIt is a small company and I trust that I would be supported if there was ever any negativity or conflict. From my research into Stonewall and writing this blog post I have realised that different work environments will come with their own specific challenges for the LGBT community, so I wanted to try and highlight some key facts, whilst also giving a bit of history to Pride. ” – Katie, Service Delivery and Project Manager

“We are proud to support Pride 2019 as a culturally diverse company. I believe in supporting all our staff in their life journeys and fully embrace and enjoy the diversity we have in our offices. I am incredibly proud of our women led, family business – it’s not easy but building an open and honest, supportive company is at the heart of what we do.” – Charlie, CEO

By Katie Stockford, Service and Delivery Manager

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