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A tasty system optimisation for a sweet treat giant

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The client already had their sustainability data management software in place but needed some help getting to grips with how best to use it. With over 500 KPIs to track, they were struggling to efficiently collate and report on the data they were collecting.

Multinational Confectionery
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We took a deep dive into how they were using their system. We reviewed how they were using the system to identify and fix frustrations. These covered everything from understanding shortcuts to data implementation tools and report visualisations. 

We restructured all of the client’s KPIs into manageable categories to allow use of automated consolidation and calculations and we employed algorithms to track energy conversion stats and reconfigured their reporting functionalities.


  • Effective data collection and accuracy 
  • Reporting with meaningful insights and clear action points 
  • A system which is an effective management tool for the business
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