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What we do

ESG consultancy services

Our friendly team of consultants are experienced in stakeholder engagement and workshopping. We work to global ESG frameworks and standard to support our clients with bespoke net zero strategy and sustainability programme development, action planning, Carbon accounting and value chain analysis for Scopes 1 – 3 and more.


Net zero carbon consulting

Now is then time to focus on your net zero commitments. And whether you’re already down the road or just starting your journey, our consultants can help.

Through a mix of collaborative discovery workshops, materiality assessments, goal setting and wider business KPI alignment, we’ll work together to produce a clear action plan to get you where you need to be. 

Baselining and target alignment

Sustainability reporting standards are playing an increasingly large role in organisations. In fact, as well as the non-financial reporting directive, the European Council recently agreed on a corporate sustainability reporting directive which will result in as many as 49,000 additional companies (on top of those who already have to do this) being required to report on their non-financial sustainability data from next year. 

It’s complicated to know where to start. With so many different frameworks, guides and legislative submissions it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to get this stuff right. 

We can help. We’ll work with your key stakeholders to define the framework which best suits your requirements (be it the CPD, GRI, TCFD or another) and narrow down the SDGs you need to focus on. We’ll then gather, analyse, and sort the information needed for submission – no stress required. 

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