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Cementing JAGGAER as an industry leader with carbon accounting and a robust impact report


JAGGAER is a global corporation aiming to simplify procurement, with strong environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) values at its core. They came to our consultancy team wanting to publish their annual ESG report with an accurate carbon footprint. Despite a year-long carbon calculation effort in-house, they faced challenges from inconsistent data collection and incomplete information. These issues limited their ability to measure the impact of their strategies against the Science Based Target they had set. They came to us as renowned experts in data management, seeking assistance in developing a robust and replicable carbon footprint analysis.

To uphold their commitment to sustainability, they had a tight deadline to publish their annual impact report. With a wealth of experience in ESG reporting, our friendly and knowledgeable team resonated with JAGGAER’s need for flexible support. Our collaboration aimed to help them create an engaging report with the data to back it up, cementing their position as industry leaders.

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To streamline the carbon accounting process, we brought in a dedicated consultant to work closely with JAGGAER’s Global ESG Manager. We got straight into data collection, collaborating with the relevant contacts and saving their team precious time and effort. Next, we conducted data cleaning in preparation for the carbon footprint calculation developing any necessary estimation methodologies based on available information and industry standards (GHG protocol). The result? A robust carbon footprint and methodology report to drive their strategy going forward.

The carbon calculation formed an integral part of the impact report created in tandem. We got started by establishing the structure and boundaries of the report, guiding them through best practice methodologies and GRI standard requirements. This allowed us to map the information that was needed, laying the groundwork for successful future reporting. With all the puzzle pieces in hand, we independently created the report with a narrative that resonated with their sustainability goals and aspirations. By polishing and finalising the content through collaborative workshops, we could brief their internal design team to put the finishing touches to the report.


  • Empowered communications of their sustainability commitments, successes, and ambitions to key stakeholders, including a trustworthy carbon footprint in time for a board meeting.
  • Accurate data to inform JAGGAER’s carbon strategy by measuring the impact of initiatives and progress towards their science-based targets.
  • Streamlined processes for data collection and robust methodologies for quick and easy biannual carbon footprint calculation going forward.
  • An engaging ESG report created to a deadline, alleviating capacity constraints.
  • Expert GRI reporting guidance, facilitating the business’s long-term goal of aligning future reports with GRI standards.

It’s always a pleasure working with the team at Sustainit. They’re extremely accommodating and supportive, have added a lot of value to our greenhouse gas emissions assessment and ESG reporting, and are well positioned to support organisations of all sizes.

– Stuart Gascoigne, Global ESG Manager, JAGGAER