Organic wine … is it worth the cost, or the effort?

I’m a bit of an organic wine fiend really, purely because I like the taste and it doesn’t give me a headache in the morning. Reason enough I figure. Organic wine is definitely on the up and a few years ago I managed to wangle a trip around the biodynamic vineyards of California to understand the different ways of winemaking for different vineyards. Fascinating and so, so varied… a huge topic for another day I think.

Data shows that organic wine will account for 9% of UK wine consumption by 2022 and most organic wine appears to be consumed in Europe. The actual meaning of ‘organic’ means the grapes are grown and harvested typically excluding the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. The legal definition varies country to country and in the US from state to state but essentially, they don’t use nearly the same amount chemicals to produce the wine. My advice to you would be, as the costs are becoming more reasonable, choose to buy organic wine for the taste and for the least negative impact on the environment (and very possibly no headache!).

One wine we recently purchased from Aldi (£7.99) was Rosso Grande Alberone Organic Red Wine“Black Bio”. Now, I don’t like (didn’t like) red wine. For 50 odd years I’ve not found one I ever liked. That’s now changed!

Black Bio contains sustainably and organically produced grapes from northern and southern Italy, a blended wine if you like. One area is below the Venetian Pre Alps, just north of Venice mixed with the southern full-bodied grapes from Apulia. This wine is a good solid wine (a knife and fork wine as my Dad used to say), but smooth and rich, almost like cocoa. It has an inconspicuous hint of tannin and is magically velvety. If you want to give organic a go, I’d suggest nipping to your nearest Aldi and grabbing a bottle to have with a grass-fed sustainability reared steak with a nice green organic salad this weekend.

To find out more about organic farming and how to measure your sustainability impact talk to us at SustainIt and find out how we are helping businesses become more sustainable and responsible businesses. To find out more about our family Farm near Bristol in the UK we make biodynamic wine please see here Limeburn Hill Vineyard.

By Charlie Stockford, CEO and Founder

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