Enablon System Optimisation

The chances are, if you are reading this blog, you know what Enablon is. However, for those who don’t, an Enablon system is an EHS (Environmental and Health & Safety) management system. The cloud-based software helps large organisations to collect, track, manage and report their EHS data, and can help to create actionable plans to help improve certain data points. For example, a large business can be able to track how many accidents happen in the workplace, and then the organisation can implement plans to mitigate these in the future.

What is System Optimisation?

For businesses with Enablon, making sure that the package is doing its best work can be ground-breaking for taking your EHS goals to the next level. As with any intricate and personalised platform, the development of Enablon platforms change significantly when in daily use. Sustainit have been working with Enablon systems for over 15 years, and it’s safe to say that no two businesses have the same Enablon set up.

Enablon built systems are customised to each business, each organisation has different use cases and different ways of using the EHS tool. For example, there are over 50 different and niche modules that can be configured for each organisation.

With complex systems, come complex issues and training requirements. Implementing an Enablon system is an expensive and time-consuming process, which means that a platform is an investment that is meant to be used for years and years. This means that whilst the system is in place there can be high staff turnover and an ever-changing business. These combining contributions exposes a workforce to miss opportunities and hinders organisations getting the best out of their systems.

Quite often we find that teams don’t quite have the required training for their own systems.

And commonly, due to a lack of understanding around the software most companies are just using the most basic functionality. We can help you to unlock Enablon’s full power, and help you to find figures behind the facts.

Here’s what Oliver had to say: “The fragility of these systems means that if you make a change to “A”, it can have an unknowing but substantial impact on “Z”. Over time, this can cause systems to become deeply fractured without anyone even realising. This is why ongoing system reviews, and health checks are so crucial in system maintenance. A system optimisation can help to restore, improve, and innovate your EHS reporting software.” – Oliver Boulton, System Support Manager

How do we optimise an Enablon System?

As an independent data agency, we have a vast knowledge base that spans several different software platforms, though Enablon is one of our specialties! Data optimisation is a process that can have outstanding benefits to understanding more of your data, and getting the most out of your system. Here’s our step-by-step plan:

– Perform a system health check, to understand if the system has any fundamental issues that need to be addressed

– Identify what data you currently collect, and align that with company goals

– Make recommendations on what parts of the system need to be fixed, improved or added

– Create a plan of action

– Build better processes and procedures to help get the most out of your system

– Provide end-to-end training and webinars to communicate all systems changes to the end users and admin team.

The advantages of a system optimisation

We’ve spoken to you about what the problems are, and how we perform optimisations, now let’s talk you through what the benefits are:

When systems become fragmented and fractured, your organisation can start to run into some big EHS reporting issues. Keeping on top of your systems and making sure they are working in the order you need them to, can help to mitigate a big issue further down the line

Alongside risk mitigation, keeping staff fully trained on your systems is never a bad idea! As team’s change, and new people are brought onboard, having some fresh training from the professionals can help align and train staff quickly.

We can help you to realign your data, and your businesses EHS goals to make sure that what was important when you implemented an Enablon system, is still important today and that all your key stakeholders are aligned on those ambitions.

System optimisations can help to really drive your business forward, and sometimes most companies don’t realise their EHS software has become fractured over time. Reach out to us to book in a coffee and a chat

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