Changing the face of sustainable business through emerging tech

David Stockford, our IT Director, talks about how your sustainability data strategy can transform a business’s operation.

Data has hugely impacted our business perspectives over the last few years. Instead of a few spreadsheets to manage our environmental impact we are now looking at complex systems in order to simplify data. However, managing that data is a challenge let alone finding the right EHS system to help you do it.
How do you reduce costs of compliance from streamlining your data whilst also using that data for digital and organisational transformation?

David Stockford: “I’ve spoken with so many different businesses over my 30 years working in IT and sustainability and the challenge is still, fundamentally, the same. The challenge being how to achieve a very clear understanding of the ambitions and targets for the business and how to build effective and efficient ways to achieve those ambitions.”

The UK now has so many ambitious tech and data entrepreneurs around the country who are furiously networking and collaborating. This is putting the UK in a fantastically strong position to drive global growth and connectivity. These statistics from Technation show us the scale that it is rapidly rising within the UK.

As a UK based company, SustainIt are also driving emerging tech into sustainability and thinking ahead about utilising AI, Cybersecurity, IOT and machine learning.

David says “The future of innovation lies, for our clients, in these technologies and we need to understand and embrace these technologies now. Our team at SustainIt are currently investing time to develop machine learning tools to provide insights into sustainability data that would be difficult to extract by other methods, even by skilled data analysts. Predictive analytics to show you whether you are on track to achieve your sustainability ambitions and targets is something that we are actively working on right now to give our customers the insights they need for their business.”

Gartner are talking about data analytics for competitive advantage. What we, at SustainIt are talking about, is data analytics for sustainable competitive advantage. By using business intelligence tools, predictive analytics, and the latest technology we can really change the future face of sustainable business.

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by Charlie Stockford, CEO