Curb Climate Change or Cool Down houses? America’s Answer:

We have 6 years left to halt climate change and stop a rise in 1.5 degrees as per the Paris Agreement.

This shouldn’t be news.

What is news though, is President Biden’s latest plans to curb climate change, or at least, the effects of climate change on Americans.

While other countries are pioneering change, America still refuses to declare a climate emergency. Instead, it is pumping more money into combatting the side-effects of climate change.

Last week, the president of the 2nd most polluting country in the world announced a $2.4billion pledge to help build infrastructure that is more capable to handle extreme weather conditions.

Rather than addressing the issues causing climate change, the below measures have been announced:

👉$385 million to be invested in helping American households’ access cheaper air conditioners

👉Retrofitting older buildings to be able to cope in the event of an extreme weather event

👉Expanding offshore wind plants

Airconditioning as we know, is not the answer. By 2050, air conditioning units are predicted to emit the same volume as India does today; 2bn tonnes of Co2 per year. At this crucial time the world cannot afford to be pumping resources into wasted efforts.

What could America do with $2.4 billion instead?

👉Support the movement towards renewable energy sources

👉Build green schemes to help decouple economic growth and emissions growth

👉Instead, America could SAVE money by reducing/stopping the subsidiary it pays on fossil fuel production which amounts for $5.9 Trillion in government subsidies (for the year 2020)

Substantial change is everyone’s responsibility, including governing bodies, organisations, and individuals.

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