COVID-19: Support offered within the sustainability software market

During the COVID-19 outbreak, over 100 countries were or still are in full or partial lockdown around the world, changing the way we live and how the world economy operates. Many of us are well past the two-month mark of this ‘new normal’. Now that we’ve had a bit of time to adjust, review and take action in preventing the increase spread of the deadly disease, impacts to our work lives are a bit easier to analyse than they were in March.

For our customers, questions such as “how do I keep my factory employees safe” and “what are the emissions reductions associated with the lockdown” are being raised. At SustainIt we wanted to share news around what some of our market leading EHS / sustainability software partners are doing to help their customers utilize these powerful software platforms across risk, health & safety as well as sustainability to better understand more about COVID-19 related impacts to their business and staff.

Global sustainability software company Greenstone offers a variety of solutions to help companies manage their non-financial data including Sustainability Software (Enterprise), Supply Chain Software (SupplierPortal) and it’s newest offering Investor ESG Software (InvestorPortal).

Greenstone’s Enterprise software contains a variance tracker which allows organisations to run queries on material consumption variances in their data sets. This gives companies oversight of the reasons behind data fluctuations across their portfolios for internal analysis and as an external assurance tool. In the past few months, Greenstone has seen its clients adding new categories into their sites to capture variance categories associated with COVID-19. This has allowed them to be able to keep track on specific locations and time periods where COVID-19 site restrictions and closures are impacting their consumption and GHG emissions.

In addition, some Greenstone clients are looking to expand their use of the automated modelling functionality to profile what emissions would have looked like if their sites had not been closed or restricted during this period.

UL Environment & Sustainability
UL have quite literally hundreds of years’ experience keeping people safe through their products and services. UL have made a list of resource available for free on their website with content related to managing the current crisis.

Through their software, UL 360 are offering their current clients free access to a re-open site online checklist during 2020 and are also working with customers to fully utilise their products in relation to a pandemic response.

IsoMetrix is a software house operating globally with headquarters in South Africa that offers a fully integrated GRC solution for the extractive industry and beyond.
As part of their response to COVID-19, IsoMetrix has been actively communicating on how IsoMetrix can be used in response to the pandemic. Their team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) has been releasing use cases and videos to demonstrate best practices, in risk management and business continuity management.

IsoMetrix has also interviewed several of their advisory partners to understand their perspective on the current situation, the impacts on the economy and how it affects the mining industry in particular. Based on these engagements, IsoMetrix has developed three specific new solutions:

  1. Business Continuity Management Solution: Enabling companies to manage the continuity of their business despite the pandemic.
  2. Screening Tool: Supporting companies as their employees return to work, and monitoring the health of their workforce.
  3. Pandemic Crisis Management Solution: Helping companies manage the overall impact on their workforce.

Another market-leading enterprise software company, Enablon have looked across the breath of their product offering in order to ease the COVID-19 related burdens that companies are experiencing. Enablon has developed a specific set of content to keep track of key metrics related to COVID-19 response & back to work at each site, such as:

  • Employee health status. Metrics include confirmed cases, suspected cases, absenteeism due to the virus, etc.
  • Status of site operations, including the status of the crisis management team and the preparedness plan.
  • Status of controls, including the communication of guidance (handwashing, staying home when ill, etc.), facility cleaning procedures, the current stock of a site’s cleaning suppliers/PPE, etc.
  • Impacts, including actual and potential impacts on inventories, supply chains, etc.

Enablon also created a specific Incident Management solution that provides a unique COVID-19 workflow and fields specifically for tracking the evolution of the virus within a company’s global workforce.

  • Notify your crisis response team the moment a case is entered into the system to coordinate a quick response.
  • Monitor the trends and geographical distribution of confirmed and suspected cases, and sites with the most confirmed and suspected cases, through an intuitive dashboard.
  • Track action plans deployed to respond to the pandemic, and leverage mobile devices used by your employees to focus on infection-prevention measures.

At SustainIt it’s our duty to make sure that our clients are being supported either directly by ourselves but also indirectly through their contracts with the software vendors. Afterall data is going to be an important tool in understanding the current impacts of the virus and using this data to mitigate future risks associated with a pandemic.

by Callum Rees, Strategic Account Manager

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