Comparing GRC Software for Your Business

Looking to find the best GRC software for your business? We’re here to help. With so many different options out there, and with so many different features, deciding which GRC software to go with can feel like a daunting task. In this handy guide, we outline everything you need to know about GRC software and tips for finding the best solution for your organisational needs. To get started, you can simply use our free comparison tool that will guide you through the very best solutions based on your answers. Within a few minutes, you can navigate through the complex web [...]

Adapting to Sustainability Consumer Trends

Understanding consumer trends has always been a vital part of a successful business. Now more than ever, one of the biggest trends being seen is the focus of consumers on the sustainability and environmental impact of the brands they invest in. In 2020, ‘ThinkwithGoogle’, reported a marked increase in sustainability-related searches in the last 12 months alone. It suggests that as consumers have become more educated on the issue of sustainability, the expectation of brands to share their concerns has soared. For your business, this means meeting the needs of your consumer is not just about having the right product [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Sustainability Reporting

For any organisation looking to bolster their environmental and social credentials, sustainability reporting needs to become a priority. Being able to shed light on the complexities of an organisation’s daily operations and supply chains can help improve profitability, efficiency, and sustainability. Annual reports that clearly communicate a company’s environmental and social performance helps to engage stakeholders, employees, investors, and customers. It also helps to identify areas of improvement as well as presenting an opportunity to celebrate successful milestones. With so many data points within a business, the sheer volume of data can soon become overwhelming and the ability to communicate [...]

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7 Benefits of Using a Sustainability Consultancy

The need for organisations to operate sustainably while prioritising people and planet (as well as profit), has never been so important. From climate change to labour injustice, businesses have the responsibility to understand their true impact in the world. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and organisations must be accountable for every aspect of their business. Failing to do so carries with it not only concerns for people and the planet, but also highlights inefficiencies within supply chains that can negatively impact profitability. A lack of transparency within a business also shows a brand that is struggling to keep up [...]

Top tips for selecting the right EHS software

Sustainability & EHS software helps companies collect, manage, report and ultimately drive positive change using data. At SustainIt, when we speak about sustainability data, we’re not just looking at environmental sustainability but instead, data related to a sustainable world in general including governance, health & safety, supply chain and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  The EHS software market is awash with companies looking to sell you their solutions. Having worked in this space for the last 15 years, seeing it develop and change greatly over that time, we have learned a lot from working directly with companies to select, implement and manage a variety of EHS solutions.  So below are [...]

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Market Update

Salesforce acquires Tableau June 2019. agree to acquire Tableau in an all stock transaction to the tune of $15.7 billion. The synergies between the two companies have been cited as a reason to be optimistic about the growth of the company over the next couple of years at least. Adam Selipsky, President and CEO at Tableau, in his email to company employees mentioned…” we were quickly struck by the cultural similarities between the companies. A desire to change the world through data and digital transformation”. That being said, Salesforce have communicated that Tableau will operate independently and under its [...]

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WEBINAR – Software selection: how to do it right first time

Wednesday 8th August, 3pm BST - Register here Are you on the hunt for a sustainability and EHS software solution for your business? Choosing the wrong system to manage and report your non-financial data can be a costly mistake. Clearly defined goals and requirements, together with adequate technical expertise and planning, are key to a successful selection and implementation process. By joining our next 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn everything you need to know to do it right first time; minimising risk, saving time and money, and increasing employee engagement. You can register for the webinar here. The session will [...]

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