Improving Stakeholder Engagement for Organisational Growth

Stakeholders are, naturally, a driving force for change in any organisation. As a result, it’s important to ensure that your stakeholders’ needs are met, and that you’re adjusting your engagement strategies to suit the individual. When looking to improve your stakeholder engagement, it’s important to note that this is an ongoing process – it’s of little use to only put in effort intermittently. Your strategy needs to involve frequent communication and well thought out activities that delight and impress in equal measure. No matter what your approach is, it’s vital that you make intelligent use of data when looking to [...]

The Power of Data Visualisation to Engage Employees, Stakeholders and Customers

Here at SustainIt, we are passionate about the value and importance of collecting accurate and reliable data within organisations. Leadership teams that have a wealth of meaningful data at their fingertips are more equipped to make better decisions and navigate challenges with confidence. Equally, having such data allows organisations to create transparency and openness about supply chains and processes, which often leads to deeper relationships with employees and consumers. But collecting and analysing your data is only the first stage. To create change, this data must be brought to life visually. Graphic and visual representation is a vital component that [...]

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Getting Started with Power BI for Better Business Intelligence Management

In every industry, in every territory, data has become a valuable asset for organisations. Understanding and leveraging real-time data ensures teams and processes of any size can stay agile, proactive, and competitive. Business intelligence provides a practical solution to the abundance of data points within organisational processes, helping organisations grow and thrive. Business intelligence is the process of analysing, visualising and harnessing the power of raw data within an organisation and turning this into actionable takeaways that can shape the future roadmap for all sorts of business decisions. Business intelligence management relies heavily on technology and software to turn data [...]

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5 Ways Sustainability Data Reporting Can Be Misleading

Presenting data in an eye-catching way to engage and inform all audiences is an essential part of an organisation’s sustainability journey, allowing effective monitoring and reporting of important progress. However, choosing the most appropriate style of visualisation can be challenging. An in-depth understanding of the patterns and contextual information behind the data needs to be grasped if you are to uncover narratives that can stand up to scrutiny. If a chart or graph is misused, audiences may draw conclusions that are not based on the evidence, or the true picture that lies within the data can be obscured. Here are [...]

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7 Benefits of Using a Sustainability Consultancy

The need for organisations to operate sustainably while prioritising people and planet (as well as profit), has never been so important. From climate change to labour injustice, businesses have the responsibility to understand their true impact in the world. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and organisations must be accountable for every aspect of their business. Failing to do so carries with it not only concerns for people and the planet, but also highlights inefficiencies within supply chains that can negatively impact profitability. A lack of transparency within a business also shows a brand that is struggling to keep up [...]

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