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Crane doing construction work on high rise buildings
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Transforming data management for the UK’s leading property company​


The client had been using their sustainability data management tool for some time but following changes to their company and personnel, they needed expert external resource to bridge the knowledge gap whilst managing their entire environmental data collection and reporting process.

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Crane doing construction work on high rise buildings


We came on board to manage the client’s environmental data management program whilst making incremental improvements on an on-going basis. Our work involved configuring the system to ensure best practice principles, spotting historic data issues and liaising with external auditors at year end. We also implemented a regular programme of training for their internal users to upskill them on how to use their software for maximum results.


  • Improved quality of historic and current data
  • Time saved through efficient data management processes giving the space to focus   on environmental strategies moving forward
  • A newly engaged and fully trained team of internal software users