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Streamlining and future proofing in the world of regulatory data

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In a bid to improve their sustainability reporting accuracy and accessibility, an existing client’s regulatory team reached out for support. They wanted a full review of their processes and systems with the objective of introducing a dedicated sustainability data analysis tool to streamline their reporting and improve communication across the business.

Their requirements were complex with many moving parts to consider.

These included:

  • Regulatory management
  • Complex data collection and input
  • Engagement with 3rd parties and data inputters
  • Analysis, consolidation, and reporting of data
  • Management and searchability of high levels of information in disparate formats
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This was a multi-stage project which began with a data topology exercise, using real-world data scenarios to clarify and priorities data reporting requirements. We then worked collaboratively to simplify the way data is collected, recommended processes to bring in efficiencies around its management and workshopped better communication practices. 

We then created a fully detailed requirement specification document and pulled together a shortlist of appropriate software tools for the business’s future needs.


  • Better transparency on sustainability data reporting with clearly defined topology maps showing data flows, formats and owners
  • More efficient data management 
  • A fully engaged, well-informed team able to take their reporting to the next level as the business developed
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