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Finding solutions for collating and reporting on community data in the retail space


A large retailer used a variety of collection and reporting methods (including a legacy EHS system, google forms and excel) to manage their community investment data. Their data was collected from approximately 400 users across several retail outlets and branches in the UK. There were multiple problems with the existing data collection methodology including limited speed and performance, functionality issues, restricted reporting, over-complexity for the end user, poor data validation processes as well as significant inefficiencies in the data gathering and submission process.
With all of this in mind, their objective was to find and implement a new sustainability software system which would ensure end users could accurately input their data on time and follow a clear approval process.

Shirts hanging up on a rail
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Our client had already started their software selection process but had come to a standstill due to the complexities in building an initial requirement specification and the time and money that can take. As experts in EHS and ESG software selection, we came on board to finish the project for them. 

We provided and implemented a clear methodology for producing an RFP document specifically for a system based on community data. To get to this point, we ran a gap analysis exercise and undertook needs assessment interviews with stakeholders across the organisation as well as designing, implementing, and collecting results from an end user survey. 

Working with their internal IT team we were able to understand the technical requirements of implementing software within their organisation and how it could be rolled out across the wider organisation.


  • A detailed requirements specification (both functional and technical)
  • KPI and metric mapping
  • A deeper insight into the organisational culture 
  • Recommendation on the right software for the business’s needs.
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