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Opening up team capacity with our 24/7 system support helpdesk


A long standing client of ours uses the Enablon system to manage and report their Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S) data. Like many large organisations, they were managing the system admin inhouse but finding it a drain on resource. They needed to free up team capacity for core objectives and business improvement projects.

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For several years now, this large client has successfully outsourced the support and management of their Enablon system to us. We provide a 24/7 helpdesk to manage all user requests including data input, process and workflow queries, correcting inconsistencies within their data, recurring task management and running reports. In addition, our technical support includes indicator changes, test script development and testing, impact analyses as well as system changes directly in their Enablon system. On top of this ongoing support, we also provide training to end users to improve engagement including the ongoing update of training material. 


  • Team capacity allows for focus on improving sustainability performance
  • Better timeliness on admin requests and system support 
  • More data is being submitted and validated within deadline
  • Less data inconsistencies
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