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ESG survey management for a leading mid-market private equity firm


Inflexion is focused on best-in-class ESG management across their portfolio, and an annual ESG assessment forms a key part of this. For their inaugural report, to ensure their assessment was best practice, we were brought in to support on the ESG survey management. We collected and analysed information from all the companies they’d invested in for at least a year and put it into a simple, digestible format that could be easily interpreted and reported in their annual ESG report.

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We worked closely with the ESG team on their data collection process, providing end to end support on their chosen data collection platform. The portfolio companies were sent ESG assessments that included questions concerning climate change, energy, water, waste, diversity, employment, and ethics. We set up a dedicated helpdesk team to work closely with stakeholders from their portfolio companies and  answer any assessment related queries that came through, saving Inflexion time and resource in managing these requests after the assessment roll out.   

Once all assessment submissions from their portfolio companies had been received, our data experts Katie and Arthur, used Excel to thoroughly check and analyse all the data points, acting accordingly and reconciling where required. The data analysed was then used to map companies into the Inflexion ESG framework, which provides a snapshot view of the number of companies that met and exceeded the minimum ESG standards required by Inflexion. Once validated, we provided the client with a feedback report for each portfolio company, with key insights and dashboards on the data provided so that the individual companies could use this information to feed into their wider strategies and targets.  


  • Saving time & resource handling data  
  • Confidence in data accuracy
  • A clear understanding of performance against metrics  
  • Data-driven insights to be used for specific improvement strategies  

Inflexion have now published their inaugural ESG report. We’re proud to have supported them with some of the data collection and analysis that fed into the report, which can be seen here.  

I’ve worked with Sustainit for a number of years across both public and private organisations, and would highly recommend them. The team is exceptionally responsive and incredibly accommodating, demonstrating an ability to quickly interpret complex data sets

– Bethan Casey, ESG Manager at Inflexion