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A complex communication and data collection project with global reach 


To manage a large survey covering 90+ global markets through the client’s cr360 sustainability data management system for three of their key corporate social investment programmes (Sustainable Agriculture & Environment, Empowerment and Civic Life) and their Youth Smoking Prevention programme.

Hands preparing dried tobacco leaves
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Collect, consolidate and analyse

We managed the communications and survey data collection process, engaging with contacts in the client’s end markets to ensure timely and accurate results. Data consistency across all 90+ markets was absolutely fundamental to this project, particularly between data collected in the client’s cr360 system and their aggregated data in Excel.  Once we were confident that the data was perfect, we went on to our analysis phase, providing explanatory statistics, top-line reporting and key conclusions.

This included specific areas of market survey data for Youth Smoking Prevention (YSP) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) to ensure the client got all the information and analysis they required for a full and accurate picture of their investments.

Alongside all of this, we worked with EY to provide further information for the business’s auditing requirements.


Best practice investments

  • Accurate survey data collected, consolidated and analysed from more than 90 global markets. 
  • Key impact reporting 
  • Assurance on investments and business objectives  
  • CSI best practice requirements in place, addressing the key impacts of the business.