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A speedy software configuration for one of the UK’s leading transport companies​


The client had recently purchased the EHS reporting platform, Enablon and needed it configuring for their complex requirements. With over 3,300 indicators to analyse and a tight deadline for their CSR report, they needed a team to come in and help make it happen. ​

Red London double decker bus on a street
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We worked with Enablon to build up the initial system requirements and configure it for the client’s needs before helping the client to finalise their KPI sets and build a comprehensive structure for managing them. Our team was also able to provide the knowledge and hands-on support needed to allow the client to produce the data they needed for their CSR report. Once that pressing deadline was passed, we continued to provide system support via our dedicated technical help desk until their in-house team were able to take over themselves. 


  • A straightforward data capture solution 
  • Technical expertise at speed 
  • Ongoing support, removing internal capacity pressures