10 Minutes with…Our CEO Charlie

How did we make it to May already? To celebrate the start of the Summer, SustainIt has started our 10 minutes with series.

Involving a short informal Q&A type interview with staff members of SustainIt. It’s a fun opportunity for the team to share a little bit about themselves, their role here and the wonderful city we live and work in. The idea of this is to introduce and put a face to the amazing work we do here at SustainIt, allowing new/current clients and the outside world to learn a little more about the hard working, passionate and driven people at SustainIt. It also allows us a little bit of creativity. Each month a new interview will be published to the public on the SustainIt Blog. Enjoy!

To kick off the new series, we took 10 minutes to sit down with the company mastermind and our CEO Charlie. Check out our Interview below:

By Pippa Stockford, Innovation and Marketing Manager

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