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Meet our newest team members…

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The past few months have been busy at Sustainit – so busy that we’ve been growing our team! From sustainability consultants to marketers, we’d like to welcome the freshest faces in the office with some quick introductions.

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Chloe Davis

Alex – Head of Sales & Marketing

Alex joined us in December 2022. She’s here to shout about Sustainit to the outside world and bring new clients in! After studying history at university, Alex fell into marketing and never looked back. 15 years later, she’s worked for a range of organisations in travel, hospitality, and creative services, and now Sustainit.

From the moment I had my first interview, I was impressed by how warm and friendly the team were. As a new mum returning to work, flexibility is important, and I’ve been given that in bucket loads. I also love what Sustainit does and am keen to help more businesses act in a more planet-conscious manner.

Alex is a big foodie and has a zero-waste food policy at home. With chickens and three compost heaps, Alex leaves nothing to waste and loves creating weird and wonderful dinners with things that would otherwise end up in the bin!

Charlie S – Head of People and Operations

Joining our leadership team this January, Charlie brings a wealth of knowledge in her role as Head of People and Operations. She’s helping us to implement changes, develop strategies and improve our processes. As well as helping Sustainit grow, Charlie is a big people person. She loves supporting the talented members of the team to develop and reach their goals.

Previously working for the Guide Dogs Charity as Operations Manager for Bristol and Wales, Charlie is a big animal lover –

“I’m a very outdoorsy individual and a lover of animals so anything I can do to make their environments a better place, I’m all for!”

She believes in working for companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment, so is excited to have joined Sustainit’s mission.

Lydia Amber and Chloe collaborating at the Sustainit office

Amber – Account Executive

Managing relationships between clients and the client support team here at Sustainit, Amber joined us in October as Account Executive. She has a master’s degree in Environmental Law & Sustainable Development, with her background making her a go-to wonder woman involved in everything.

Before Sustainit, Amber worked in community engagement helping to coordinate the UK’s first Sustainable Fashion Week whilst also working part-time as a sustainability consultant. Amber is particularly interested in the intersection between sustainability, society and the law:

The responsibility to be more sustainable doesn’t lie solely with legislators, citizens or corporates – but how do we strike a balance and spread the responsibility across all 3? The law can be a powerful vehicle to encourage behaviour change at every level. The fashion industry is a great example of how all 3 entities need to work in complete tandem when trying to be more sustainable.

Charlie H – Junior Sustainability Consultant

Charlie H joined us in October as the newest addition to our consultancy team. He supports our clients with sustainability data analysis, strategy formation and all things carbon footprinting. Swapping his life of perennial ski and surf travels, he’s thrown himself into the world of project management and sustainability consultancy over the last 2 years.

Charlie’s excited to have joined Sustainit as “a genuinely lovely team of people within a family-run business. I am also at the start of what I hope is a steep and rich learning curve!”.

As well as surfing and skiing, Charlie’s specific interest is in space sustainability. Thinking about the big picture, he wants to find out how we can improve the environmental impact of the space industry whilst using pioneering space technologies to unlock new solutions to climate change here on Earth.

Arthur – Sustainability Data Analyst

After graduating with a degree in Physics from the University of Bristol, Arthur joined Sustainit in December as a Sustainability Data Analyst. He helps the team out using his logical thinking to process sustainability data, conveying the insights reached with graphics and visualisations.

I’m super excited to have joined Sustainit to pair my love of data and enthusiasm for sustainability, working with a group of like-minded people to make a positive difference

Arthur’s sustainability interest is icicles! In fact, his final university project investigated whether certain characteristics of icicles can be used as environmental/pollution indicators (they can!).

Chloe – Sustainability Communications Intern

Chloe joined Sustainit in January as our Sustainability Communications Intern. She helps Alex out with all things marketing and is excited to work on SustainIts’ own sustainability projects. Before Sustainit, she completed her MSc in Policy Research at the University of Bristol alongside working at an organic produce shop.

Chloe’s passion is food and the impact of food choices and systems on the environment, writing her dissertation on the affordability of plant-based alternatives.

In her current role, she loves being able to work on creative projects as well as “learning the ins and outs of sustainable business practices from the knowledgeable team who are always happy to help”.

So that’s a quick introduction to everyone who has joined the Sustainit team since October! If you would like to find out more about what our team can do for you, get in touch today.