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COP28 – what’s been achieved since last year?

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In the run up to COP28, Senior Sustainability Consultant Jonathon Oon reflects on progress since COP27. What happened at last years conference? And what tangible results can we see a year down the line? Read more to find out.

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Jonathan Oon

What happened at COP27?

For a reminder on what happened at COP27, take a look at our visual round up here. A year on, it’s useful to remind ourselves what exactly was promised at the conference.

Recap on progress since COP27

COP27, while not without its victories, left many feeling a sense of disappointment. As we prepare for COP28, we took a moment to quickly recap the commitments made at COP27 and reviewed any news or progress on these in the lead-up to Abu Dhabi.

Overall, while key initiatives such as the Loss and Damage Fund and the Indonesia Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) were launched, their implementation has been slow and tangible results are scarce. These initiatives, though promising on paper, have yet to deliver measurable results, but we look forward to being able to assess their progress more accurately at COP28.




So it’s evident that whilst action has been made towards some of the commitments, the level of progress remains unclear for others. For more information about what we’re expecting to see from COP28, and updates from the IPCC Global Stocktake Report, take a look at our accompanying blog post COP28 – What are we looking forward to?

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