How can data drive Net-Zero commitments?

This week is dominated by two themes at COP27: finance, and net-zero commitments. This blog looks at what has happened so far, with regards to ESG data and how the requirements to managing data might be on the brink of change. This quick-read summarises the evolving landscape of how climate data is being used to drive measurable action against climate change from enterprises. A Global Climate Data Portal On Tuesday, the 8th of November, Emmanuel Macron (President of France) and Michael Bloomberg (UN Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions) said that they have been working to [...]

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Breakdown of the latest Emissions Gap Report ahead of COP27

A couple of weeks ago, on the 27th of October 2022, the United Nations Environment Programme published their latest Emissions Gap Report, just ahead of the COP27 summit in Egypt that kicked off today. We saw a very short-lived, but unprecedented, reduction in global emissions as a response from the COVID-19 pandemic – does this mean that there is a way in which we are able to adapt and mitigate, whilst still living our day to day lives? The Report The report starts off by setting the global scene, laying out the targets set and whether they [...]

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The Fragility Between Climate and British Politics

July 2022 was a whirlwind for both politics and the environment, as the third Conservative Prime Minister stepped down, and the UK was hit by an extreme weather event that has seen record-breaking temperatures. The Physical or Financial Climate? Boris Johnson’s announcement of his resignation on the 7th of July meant the bid for leadership began. His resignation comes at a time as the UK is experiencing an extreme weather event and a Cost of Living crisis, with current inflation rates sat at around 9.4% and the Bank of England predicting a recession by the end of [...]

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What Makes us the Best Sustainability Consultancy

What do we do? To oversimplify it: We help clients become sustainable and help keep companies compliant. How do we do it? From helping small businesses to identify their sustainability goals and credentials, all the way to helping big companies collect, track, manage and report their sustainability data. We can help with a plethora of sustainability services, but our bread and butter really is data! Though almost every business has the ambition to become sustainable, you cant make any significant change until you understand your EHS data. Only then can you implement steps to reducing your planetary impacts. [...]

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Enablon System Optimisation

The chances are, if you are reading this blog, you know what Enablon is. However, for those who don’t, an Enablon system is an EHS (Environmental and Health & Safety) management system. The cloud-based software helps large organisations to collect, track, manage and report their EHS data, and can help to create actionable plans to help improve certain data points. For example, a large business can be able to track how many accidents happen in the workplace, and then the organisation can implement plans to mitigate these in the future. What is System Optimisation? For businesses with Enablon, making [...]

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