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Supporting local businesses with the West of England Carbon Challenge 


The West of England Carbon Challenge (WECC) was set up as a network of businesses, NGOs and public sector bodies committed to reducing their emissions. It challenged organisations to commit to making an annual cut in emissions for four years to reach a cumulative total of at least 10% by 2012/13. They needed a user-friendly way for everyone involved to calculate carbon emissions and track progress towards these collective targets.

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As a part of our community investment programme, we partnered with WECC to create a simple solution for organisations – big or small – to measure, manage, reduce, and report on their environmental impact and carbon footprint. The answer? An intuitive web-based environmental management system, complemented by accessible training and support.  

This allowed everyone involved in WECC to efficiently input their data no matter what their experience. Whether a seasoned corporate director or a member of a local community group, our system provided the framework for streamlined environmental management. WECC could then consolidate the data and generate reports against their set targets.  


  •  WECC empowered over 100 local companies with a free user-friendly environmental management system to measure, manage and reduce their CO2 emissions 
  • Clear training, advice and support to allow organisations involved to get the most out of the system 
  • All companies demonstrated reductions in energy consumption, water use and carbon footprint. 
  • WECC’s support not only enhanced environmental practices but also contributed to increased operational efficiency and financial savings for many 

The WECC was one of the first steps in the region’s ambitious carbon reduction plan, which has since evolved and expanded to position Bristol and the West of England as national leaders in sustainability action. 

Sustainit have demonstrated real corporate social responsibility in the way that they have delivered this solution for local businesses.

– Simon Billing, Sustainability Advisor, WECC