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Software selection and optimisation for the UK’s leading air transport IT and communications company​


The client needed a flexible, web-based CSR solution that would allow them to collect global data. With multiple data points across the sustainability sphere, and ambitious plans to expand the scope on what they collect, they needed a solution which would allow them to grow.



As experts in sustainability software selection, we were tasked with finding the client an agile, cost-effective system which would allow them to easily make sense of their CSR data and communicate their sustainability successes to both customers and staff. 

 Through a series of technical workshops and meetings, we formed a clear understanding of the requirements at play, offering the team a shortlist of options. The client chose a ThinkStep solution that would allow them to define their KPIs and corporate performance targets as well as utilise the built in functionality to create vibrant graphical representations of their sustainability targets and chart progress against these targets. 

 Once implemented, we worked on system optimisation, extending the scope of the system to match their evolving needs, improving efficiency and effectiveness as we went. 


  • Help selecting the right software solution for their complex business requirements
  • Technical expertise at speed 
  • The client met and exceeded their sustainability targets from year one of the project
  • Increased efficiency and data effectiveness through system optimisation