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Software selection and implementation for​ a world leading leisure travel brand


As one of the world’s leading leisure travel groups, our client needed a new powerful EHS data management system that could transform their reporting. They already had a system in place, but it was old and no longer being supported by the creator and with operations in 16 countries meaning complex and extensive data, they needed something reliable and current. We were brought in to help to plan, select and implement a new software solution that was not only robust but could also be scaled to replace their existing system with as little disruption as possible. Software selection is a time-consuming, difficult task with many options on the market. They knew we could give them independent expertise (cutting through the sales patter) and end-to-end support with their new software.

Thomas Cook
Cruise ship in a dock


We worked closely with the client to fully understand their specific needs for effectively managing their compliance, health and safety, incident and risk data. This allowed us to create a comprehensive requirement specification and provide support and expertise throughout the software selection process. They chose the software vendor iSystain – the perfect fit for their business.

Working with both our client and iSystain, we successfully managed the project to ensure the scope and deliverables were clear and that all required functionality was tested and delivered on time. Once in place, we also tailored and delivered a training programme to the staff on how to get the best out of their new system to help them hit the ground running.



  • Dramatically improved data accuracy and integrity
  • Better sustainability insights and EHS reporting capabilities​
  • Simplified data collection processes, saving time and effort ​
  • Confident and engaged system users
  • Interest in effective data management software from other functions across the business