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Re-engaging system users to get the most out of their sustainability software​


Wanting to get a better hold on their sustainability data, the client needed help to re-engage the people responsible for using their sustainability software. They wanted them to understand the importance of the numbers they were providing and why it needs to be accurate and timely. They already had a powerful sustainability software system in place, the challenge was how it was being used. ​

Commercial airplane outside an airport


We worked with the client’s senior stakeholders to build a set of bespoke training documents, engagement sessions and online resources to reengage and focus their data providers. By understanding the value of what they’re doing, the client could ensure they got the insights they needed and were making the most out of their powerful but underutilised software.  


  • More accurate, timely data supply  
  • A re-engaged and fully trained team of data providers  
  • Better understanding of their sustainability software