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Re-engaging system users to get the most out of their sustainability software​


Our client is a well-known luxury travel company, creating bespoke holiday packages to destinations all over the world. They wanted to position themselves as travel industry leaders, with the data to back it up. They had been using a powerful, enterprise sustainability data management tool for years and with numerous KPIs and a well-designed data collection strategy, the system was highly informative. However, the challenge was getting the team to use it and make the most of all it could do. They’d lost interest and knowledge over time and needed reengaging. Our client wanted them to understand the importance of the numbers they were providing and why the data needed to be accurate and timely. As independent ESG software experts, they knew our friendly team could help get them the most out of their system with training and engagement activities.

Commercial airplane outside an airport


We worked with the client’s senior stakeholders to understand the mission of the business, as well as the unique challenges faced by the data providers. From this, we were able to address where best to target the training and engagement work required to get them using their data management tool in the right way. Once we had that understanding in place, we built a set of bespoke training documents, engagement sessions and online resources to reengage and focus their system-users. By understanding the value of what they’re doing, they had a renewed sense of commitment and motivation. This enabled our client to extract the valuable insights they needed and maximise the potential of their software in support of their overall goal of becoming an industry leader.


  • A re-engaged, motivated and fully trained team of data providers
  • Data supplied on-time, every time
  • Better understanding of their powerful sustainability software, making it work for their business
  • More accurate and reliable data