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Bridging team gaps with expert consultancy for the award-winning homebuilder Redrow


Redrow is a leading housebuilder in the UK with a mission to act as a climate leader and drive positive change in the industry. Having developed sustainability and ESG strategies, they have a strong team dedicated to fulfilling regulatory requirements and creating value for investors and the community at large.

However, when two senior members were taking maternity leave, they needed additional resource to meet business-critical objectives. Redrow approached us for expert in-house support, and we were able to swiftly provide them with a dedicated consultant who could efficiently adapt to their needs and deliver results.

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By working with and reporting directly to the Sustainability Director, our dedicated consultant effectively became part of the team. Attending in-person meetings in Redrow offices across the UK and maintaining frequent contact allowed them to respond to the priorities of the department. In doing so, they worked closely with the Redrow team to deliver several projects including leading a peer-reviewed gap analysis on seven ESG standard requirements (e.g., MSCI, ISS and S&P).

Through our embedded resource, we were able to work with Redrow to identify gaps and develop department-specific action plans. Collaborative feedback sessions helped to drive ESG improvement actions forward. We also conducted carbon, water, and waste data accuracy checks, documenting discrepancies, and making necessary corrections. Working to their evolving needs, our consultant flexibly supported sustainability initiatives across the company effectively bridging the resource gap in Redrow’s team.

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  • Resource gap filled at speed, without needing to go through an expensive recruitment process or develop a new team member’s skill set. Our consultant could hit the ground running.
  • Clear methodologies to deliver best practice in environmental data disclosure, and due diligence research to progress scope 3 target setting.
  • Department-specific engagement plans to improve sustainability performance, ESG scores and long-term rankings.
  • An empowered sustainability team able to deliver despite limited internal resources, with an auditable trail for ease of handover.
  • In-depth insights and day-to-day immersion enabled us to envision opportunities for departmentwide improvements including a further project optimising Redrow’s environmental data software (CR360).