Our Vision.

To revolutionise how businesses, make a positive impact, one data point at a time.

Our Mission.

To transform data into information that educates and inspires.


We drive positive change.

By collecting and transforming raw data, we can create tools for education, innovation and creativity.


We lead by example.

By acting responsibly and tracking our own impact on the planet, we can help our clients see the change and feel empowered to make their own.


We’re all in it together.

By encouraging and supporting businesses to continuously challenge and improve the way they work, we can create a better future for our people and the planet.


We leave nothing to chance.

By providing reliable, consistent services, we can make sure our clients have access to accurate and informative data.


We think big.

By bringing your data alive, we can engage and inspire people both inside and outside your organisation, to make a positive change.

Women in Business.

We’re proud of our hard work to support women starting in business. We provide entrepreneurship skills and a strong mentoring programme, which give women opportunities to learn and develop their digital, tech and science careers. Not only does it help our business, but it also puts a better, more confident skill set into the marketplace. For us, it’s a no-brainer.

“It has been my privilege to work with so many hard-working, courageous and creative women over the years, and I hope to continue to support more of them well into the future.”
– Charlie Stockford, CEO

We’re honoured to support Hetty’s Kitchen and Young Enterprise South West.


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