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Your brand is your company’s identity; it should be what customers think of when they hear your name. But how can you convey the impact of your sustainability efforts beyond words?

Collecting your data is one thing but bringing it to life visually adds a whole new dimension and helps tell your sustainability data story to key stakeholders in a richer, more compelling way. As part of your sustainability consultancy or data project with us, our creative team has the expertise to apply your branding to a wide array of media with information/data collected along the way. 

Whether it’s a branded report, key highlights, data visualisation or infographics, we have the tools to transform your data into easy to understand, insightful and inspiring visuals.

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Take a look at how we’ve created data visualisations and reports that breathe life into our clients’ sustainability initiatives

What’s data visualisation?

Data visualisation is the representation of information and data using visual tools like charts, graphs, and maps. It provides an accessible way to communicate patterns, trends, and insights and is a great way to help your audience understand data without having to delve into the numbers.


What’s the difference between data visualisation and an infographic?

Infographics are often simpler than data visualisation and include more story telling elements, like graphics, text and illustrations to convey a specific message or story sourced from data. They’re a great option for things like annual performance reports, blog posts and communication pieces because they communicate specific information quickly and simply.

Data visualisations don’t have some many design elements and include data that the audience can interpret themselves. They tend to vary in complexity for example, from a simple bar chart to a scientific graph.


What’s an impact report?

A published document for key stakeholders (this could be your customers, suppliers, board members or even the public) which communicates your impacts, positive and negative, on people, the planet, and the economy. It’s a way of sharing your story and keeping yourself accountable on your sustainability journey. Usually, impact reports are produced annually and look back at projects and initiatives that have happened over the last 12 months. With your sustainability consultancy project, we can help you design an engaging report.


What outputs can you do for us?

We can and do design for a whole range of scenarios and deliver those designs in a range of required file types from pdfs, image files or other digital formats for a website to print-ready artwork for leaflets and brochures.


Is my business too small to work with you?

Our clients vary from international corporations to local non-profits and SMEs. Each project we do is bespoke so big or small, we work with every client uniquely to bring their data/information to life with creativity.


What if we don’t have any brand guidelines?

Perhaps you want a design piece created for something outside your day-to-day business identity, or maybe you don’t have strict brand guidelines. It’s not a problem at all. Our Design Lead will be part of your delivery team and together, pre-design phase, you’ll produce a plan to define the way your visuals will look. 

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