Data visualisation.

Collecting your data is one thing. But bringing it to life visually adds a whole new dimension – and helps tell your sustainability data story in a richer, more compelling way.

We have all the tools you need to transform your data into formats (such as infographics) that are easy to understand, insightful and inspiring, and give key stakeholders across your business the means to understand the data in an easy to digest and informative way.

Our work.

University of West England.

We worked with UWE on their campaign to promote safe and responsible consumption of alcohol within the student sports community at the university. SustainIt’s Data Visualisation service supported UWE by collecting the information directly from students, helping them understand more about their consumption habits and their thoughts around alcohol. The outcome of the data collection was then transformed into engaging and impactful visuals with the aim of creating awareness of the impact irresponsible consumption may have on all areas of performance.

SustainIt worked with UWE to produce visually engaging infographics that presented the quantitative data collected in surveys shared out via Instagram, the student union and UWE’s internal intranet system.

Soil Association. 

Our Data Visualisation service helped the Soil Association by collecting quantitative and qualitative data from customers to support the creation of their annual Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market report. The report focuses on giving an overview of the market and the trends in organic beauty and wellbeing. It became ‘go to’ reference point for the beauty industry as a whole, particularly those who wanted to understand the growing market as well as have more insight into customers understanding and behaviour in regards to organic beauty. 

The report needed to be engaging and reinforce the commercial expertise on organic beauty and wellbeing of Soil Association Certification. It also needed to market their knowledge and leadership on organic beauty and the trends driving this.

We produced an infographic that was professional, aspirational and stylish. It was easy to read, navigate and clearly outlined the key ‘take-away’ points.

Discovery workshops.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the details of one particular area of a project or idea. Discovery workshops are designed to shift the focus and encourage you and your team to look at the project in its entirety. We design the sessions to ensure questions about business objectives, user experience, creative and technicalities are covered.

The discovery workshop process will discuss:

What is the end goal for the project?

What key topics do you want to highlight through the project?

Question set.
Key questions and insights needed to reach the goal for the project.

Who are we trying to communicate to and collect data from? How will we intrigue them to fill in the survey?

Look and feel.
Imagery and branding for the survey; brand guidelines.

Hosting and security.
Privacy policy, GDPR, Terms and Conditions.

Create interest.

Approval process.
Who needs to sign off the survey?

Stakeholder engagement and storytelling.

As a two-way interaction, storytelling is a powerful means of communicating key messages, building relationships and engaging diverse audiences.


A toolkit is a selection of visuals and education pieces that support employees to engage with the sustainability goals. We can help you build a toolkit that will drive effective change and engagement.

Toolkit options include: creating an emotional connection through visuals and best-practice examples, celebrating success, and providing real-life examples. The toolkit can include infographics, branded templates, workshop agendas for internal staff, in-store training, flyers/posters, presentations and information to display through the intranet, staff break rooms or factory floor.

An illustration of two people looking at a set of data with a magnifying glass.

SDG workshops.

As part of the engagement process SustainIt can host an SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) workshop with the senior management/sustainability team, to define what’s important to the business and how these embed into the organisation’s strategy and values.

Running this workshop enables us to support you in developing a clear and actionable plan to embed the SDGs within the business. We follow this up with a feedback loop process, as well as supporting the sustainability team/senior management team to use their toolkits to inform and educate others in the business.

Get in Touch.

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