SustainIt Book Club: The Spider In The Corner Of The Room

SustainIt Book Club: The Spider In The Corner Of The Room


Book Review

The Spider in the Corner of the Room, by Nikki Owen

Great title, great book!  I started this book with no preconceived ideas and having no idea about Nikki Owen’s writing style.  Reading her biography, she’s Irish so the language and grammar makes it an easy read for a native English person.  The language just works. 

The opening paragraphs on page 1 had me hooked instantly.  I wanted to know more… why is “she” I assume it’s a she talking as she talks about a blouse but you’re not sure. Why does she want to pull out her hair, why is there a Dictaphone, why is the man opposite smiling but “she” is freaking out?

Over time the story starts being pieced together and Owen gradually lets you build a very visual and emotional attachment to Maria who the book is based around.  The story is insightful without being over dramatic or derogatory and tells a story of a highly educated lady who faces some considerable challenges whilst finding out that her whole world isn’t what she thought. 

Owen does a great job of giving you enough insight about Maria’s earlier life for you to start building the bigger picture whilst building the suspense of the story.  The crux of the story is that Maria is charged and imprisoned for murder… but she is convinced she is innocent.  As Maria gradually uncovers the truth she puts her life more and more at risk although she is unsure why and unsure about who she should trust.  My only criticism would be that the ending is a little weak but maybe that was because I didn’t want the book to end!

An addictive story with an interesting insight into autism really makes this an interesting, hooking good read.

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