Environment, Health and Safety Reporting

Environment, Health and Safety Reporting


Here at SustainIt we are always looking to provide knowledge and guidance on the world of Sustainability. This blog sheds some light on Environment, Health and Safety data reporting.

Companies record Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) data in order to protect employees, the public and the environment and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. From a health and safety viewpoint, EHS management involves identifying hazards in the workplace and implementing procedures for reducing accidents and near misses. For example, the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere must be prevented. From an environmental viewpoint it involves complying with environmental regulations through creating a systematic approach for the company. The environmental impact is kept as low as possible by manging waste and emissions and reducing the company’s carbon footprint as much as possible.

There are a number of regulatory agencies which regulate EHS compliance, including international, regional and local bodies. These include the Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union - Health and Safety at Work Act. EHS management is not limited to legal compliance and companies should be encouraged to do as much as possible to improve their EHS management. Increasingly, expectations of companies to operate with a high level of EHS management are increasing, so those who do are thought of favourably by stakeholders.

The first EHS management approach was introduced in 1985 by the chemical industry as a result of catastrophic accidents such as the Bhopal disaster. This initiative is called ‘Responsible Care’, is in place in 50 countries and aims to improve the image of the chemical industry by demonstrating that it acts in a responsible manner. Since then EHS management guidelines that can fit any type of organisation have been created and can be found in international standards such as ISO 14001. 

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