Defra publishes its new departmental environmental plan

Defra publishes its new departmental environmental plan


Flooding, air pollution, rural economy and wildlife diversity at the centre of new Defra environmental plan.

On the 19th February Defra published a report outlining how the Government intend to spend their £2billion annual budget to protect, defend, and improve health and environment within the UK.

As we can see from the Corporate report publically available online, the main objectives of the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs are the following:

  1. work toward an overall better – meaning cleaner and healthier – environment able to benefit people and to boost our economy. This means implementing a new environmental program that will preserve the UK`s landscapes, forests, air, soil and water resources, and which will practically translate to a serious commitment designed to reduce air, soil and water pollution, develop and increase protected areas, and create woodland providing a safe habitat for our wildlife and assuring biodiversity;
  2. make of the UK an international-leading food and farming industry. This will translate to a plan aiming to reinforce and extend the UK`s market all over the world, thanks to a strategic campaign that will be developed internally and internationally; to create jobs and encourage new graduates and skilled people to enter the industry introducing a consistent number of apprenticeships;
  3. promote a thriving rural economy that will contribute to national prosperity and wellbeing. The situation will be improved ensuring that technology will be widely and fairly accessible from all towns, villages and hamlets enabling them to prosper and contribute to national prosperity, security and wellbeing. The productivity of rural areas will be developed ensuring reliable and extensive broadband services, mobile communication services, modern and functional transport infrastructures , access to high quality and relevant education, training and apprenticeships;
  4. build better protection against floods, plant and animal diseases and hazards. This objective aims to be achieved improving protection against flooding and coastal erosion. In particular, Defra aims to invest in the support, recovery and repair of those communities affected by floods during 2015; invest to secure homes, businesses and communities against the risk of flooding; increase flood defence maintenance and plan an integrated approach to flood risk alleviation;
  5. guarantee a timely and consistent set of services and contributes to businesses and to the public. This will include an active and integrated support to farmers, businesses and customers;
  6. assure outstanding delivery outcomes and be constantly working in order to deliver an excellent service. This will involve improving the way data is generated, used and shared; creating a unified operating model for corporate services; working collaboratively with the other government departments.

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