Cotswold Inns and Hotels Sustainability Strategy Workshop

 Cotswold Inns and Hotels Sustainability Strategy Workshop


At SustainIt we are committed to sustainability and to delivering an outstanding service to all of our customers and clients. We believe that in in order to drive a successful business agenda, we need to give our best in every situation, improving our knowledge and expertise and sharing our experience with professionals keen to create sustainable change and reach ambitious goals.

But it’s not all about business. Our approach is comprehensive and holistic. We are aware of the importance of working hard whilst creating a nice atmosphere in the office and among our staff - we organise shared lunches and we get together to strengthen our mutual understanding. Furthermore, we are conscious about the impact that, as a social and sustainability driven company, we could and should have within our communities.

To achieve this we have a volunteering scheme that allows us to engage ourselves in meaningful activities and to help people and organisations that can benefit from our various skills.

This year we aim to expand our volunteering activities over a more global scale – we already pledged and supported the Walk in Her Shoes campaign earlier on in the year – but we are also keen to keep donating our time to support local companies/organisations with their sustainability efforts.

In particular, this year we wanted to help Cotswold Inns and Hotels drive a sustainability strategy within the organisation, and we are really pleased that we have started to do our bit.

Yesterday Joe, Roy and Sam, made their way to the Swan Hotel in Bibury to present to Cotswold Inns and Hotels and host a sustainability strategy workshop.

The workshop aimed to introduce Cotswold Inns and Hotels to sustainability and sustainability strategies in order to create favourable conditions to familiarise with and implement an agenda that could help the company enhance their non-financial performances whilst reducing their overall environmental impact.

The workshop kicked off with a brief explanation about what sustainability and CSR actually mean and about the benefits of setting up a sustainability strategy within the organisation. From internal engagement to lower carbon emissions, investor and stakeholder engagement to customers’ endorsement, our team highlighted all the additional benefits that a sustainable approach could bring to the business, summarised in terms of the ‘triple bottom line’. Committing to CSR is good for: people, planet, profit.

Roy and Joe then went ahead with a sustainability assessment to find out what Cotswold Inns and Hotels are doing at the moment and see what their current social, environmental and economic impact is. To set up a successful strategy it is very important to know where you’re standing in order to proceed further and grow in the right direction.

The next step involved thinking about creative ways to implement solutions into the different areas covered by the sustainability assessment: what can be done to improve sustainability performances that affect energy, social, waste, and water impact? For example, companies working in hospitality might find a real benefit in using seasonal vegetables, or in introducing refillables bottles and disposal.

Overall, the workshop covered all the hot topics sustainability professionals need to be aware of. What is sustainability? What does an effective sustainability strategy look like? How strong is the current commitment of the company? What can be done to improve performance?

Sustainability is a growing journey and the challenges are not always easy, requiring commitment, hard work and a long-term approach. But companies and organisations should not be put off.  We are working with many big corporations moving through their sustainability journey and we can’t tell enough how positive the impact of what they are doing is from an environmental, social, and economic point of view.

If you feel like we are talking about something that might be of your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us: we always like to talk about how companies manage their CSR data and how they use or could use them to drive their agenda.

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