Congratulations to David for winning the Ride To Work Week 2016 Photo Competition!

Congratulations to David for winning the Ride To Work Week 2016 Photo Competition!


Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service is a registered charity that provides a free out-of-hours motorcycle courier service to hospitals in the South West of England.

The project was born in 1990 and covers Somerset, Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.

The charity depends on donations coming from members of the public, clubs and companies, and it’s entirely run by volunteers willing to ride their special bikes to deliver sanitary items and medicaments across the region to the NHS and the wider community.

The volunteers transport a lot of different things, including blood, pathology and microbiology specimens, patient notes, X-rays and breast milk, and all the bikes are equipped with high-visibility markings, blue lights and sirens for emergency use to ease their night driving shifts.

The service provided by the charity and the people running it represents a fundamental service offered to the community. Without all the blood riders and the people behind them, hospitals and care organisations would need to make use of taxis or commercial couriers, which, from either an economical and practical point of view, are obviously not ideal and can be money and time consuming.

At SustainIt we are really aware about the importance of donating our time and using our skills to help and support our local community. From Caring in Bristol to St Peter’s Hospice, we actively support a wide range of different charities, and we always try to find new opportunities to broaden our charitable efforts.

That’s why we are really pleased and proud to say that our executive director David – passionate biker and socially engaged person - not only became a formal member of the Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service a few months ago, but also won the Fowlers Ride To Work Week 2016 competition.

With a picture of himself proudly riding his fully-equipped BloodBike on his first duty in front of our office, David won the first place and some must-have summer gears kindly provided by the organisers.

With this article we wanted to say thank you to David. We hope you will enjoy your new and shining gears this summer and may be a source of inspirations for other bikers passionate about helping others and keen to play a fundamental role in our community - and to all our staff that in the past and present times donate their precious time to support people in need and to raise awareness about the importance of all the volunteering associations that operate without rests and breaks across the South West.

Many of the most necessary services in our area are run by and with the support of volunteers, and they couldn’t survive without all the people offering their own time and resources. If you too would like to donate your time and skills, there are lots of opportunities out there. From administration to gardening, from St Pauls to exotic locations abroad, you will be able to find what best suits you and enjoy one of the most meaningful experiences of your life.

Just to name a few: St Peter’s Hospice is currently looking for volunteers to run some events over the next few months, and Caring in Bristol will soon open the application process for those willing to give a help during Christmas.

Not Bristol based? You could visit or  to find more possibilities and opportunities you would like to challenge yourself with.

Volunteering is a highly rewarding activity and it’s always the right time to start!

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