Vegan Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Plumcake

Vegan Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Plumcake


Never heard about vegan cakes?
If you`re looking for a sugary and fatty cake with a strong buttery flavour… well, then this cake doesn`t suit you at all.
However, you don`t really need dairy and eggs to get a tasty cake: with its fanciful dark chocolate top, this summery, fruity and fluffy cake will be a lovely surprise for all you dessert lovers!
And you`ll be glad to know that you`re helping tackle climate change too: vegan cake are 100% sustainable!

What`s next? Let`s bake!!

150 grams of wholemeal wheat or 00 flour (Italian flour)
50 grams of potato starch
16 grams of baking powder
100 grams of dark sugar
90 ml of sunflower oil
150 ml almond milk
100 grams of dark chocolate

Put the flour, the potato starch, the sugar and the baking powder in a clean, dry and wide bowl and mix them together very carefully, in order to obtain a uniform powder.
Add the oil and the milk and begin stirring the mixture until it becomes thick and smooth.
Add a little bit of sunflower oil if the mixture is sticky and difficult to handle.

Now you can express your tastes and preferences.
I used fresh strawberries and dark chocolate.
Wash and slice the strawberries, break 40-50 grams of chocolate in small pieces, put them in the bowl with the rest of the mixture and then stir everything together.

Now, transfer the dough in to a plumcake baking tray previously covered with greaseproof paper and place it in a pre-heated oven (180 or Gas Mark 5) for 30 to 35 minutes, until the plumcake looks firm and the surface becomes lightly brown.
I would recommend you to test its readiness by poking the top of the cake with a fork, a cocktail stick, a skewer or a toothpick: if it comes out dry, the cake is done (because of the strawberries, the dough is supposed to be a bit moist anyway).

Ready? Not yet!

To add some fancy detail, melt the rest of the chocolate in a pan using the bain-marie method.
Once it`s melted, generously spread it all over the top of your plumcake and whilst it`s still warm, decorate it with slices of fresh strawberries.

Wait until it cools down and…yummy!

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