Vegan Carrot Cake

Vegan Carrot Cake


Carrot Cake (from Ethical Chef)


Here we are again. We couldn`t last long without a bake off day here at SustainIt!

Last week, in order to celebrate National Cycle To Work Day, we organized a little cake-off party in our office: what`s better than a healthy and sustainable ride to start your day followed by a delicious home made piece of cake indeed?

We had some luscious and marvellous cakes to decorate our desks and satisfy our sweet tooth: gluten free lemon drizzle, gluten free chocolate brownies, dairy free blueberry cake, vegan carrot cake and huge and fluffy croissants were all over our desks.


For the occasion, I shook the dust off my basic baking skills and I engaged myself in the preparation of a vegan carrot cake.

Whether you are vegan, dairy intolerant or simply keen to try a different recipe to test your baking skills, we can assure you you`re not going to be disappointed at all.



For the cake

-        170g (6 oz) caster sugar

-        200g (7 oz) vegan margarine (I used sunflower margarine)

-        225 g (8 oz) carrots

-        170 g (6 oz) sultanas

-        200ml orange juice

-        280g (10 oz) self raising flour

-        Pinch of salt

-        1 tsp cinnamon

-        1 tsp ginger walnuts to taste

-        1 tsp vanilla essence

For the icing

-        115g (4 oz) vegan margarine

-        170g (6 oz) icing sugar

-        ½ tsp vanilla essence

-        Walnuts for decoration



For the cake

1. Preheat oven to180'C/gas 4.

2. Mix sugar and margarine.

3. Grate carrots and add to mix.

4. Add sultanas and orange juice.

5. Sift flour, salt, spices, walnuts and vanilla essence.

6. Spoon into a greased 8 inch cake tin and cook for 30 minutes  (this is going to change depending on your oven performance: for me it took 50 minutes to bake the cake!).


For the icing

1. Cream margarine and sugar, add vanilla essence.

2. Cut walnuts and put on top of the cake.


Your cake is ready to be served and enjoyed: bon appetite!

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