The Green Party - a general election summary

The Green Party - a general election summary

07 May 2015 by Chris McDonald

“For The Common Good” - a statement synonymous with equality, and aptly the title for the Green Party general election manifesto for 2015. The Green Party explain that they want to level the playing field for all people, rich, poor, young, and old. Coupled with this vision they stand for a greener, more sustainable future.

The Green Party’s vision for Green and Eco is radical, with promises to commit to a “zero-carbon sustainable economy”. Their stance on green issues is very clear and consider it a huge priority to take action on climate change to “avoid devastating harm to our economy, society and environment”. The Green Party want to increase open spaces for wildlife, protect forests with legislation and green space for everyone to enjoy among many other plans. The promises also include changes to farming with reduced pesticides, animal protection by ending sports shooting and double the current funding on green scientific research.

From a social perspective, the Green Party are very clear on what they are promising with their focus on the people of this country and not just the economy. Equality is high on their agenda, making sure getting a job is much easier for ethnic minorities through equality commission funding. Making pay equal for men and women, enforcing the rights of disabled people and effectively tackling child neglect and abuse are all social policies standing out in the manifesto.  

From a public health standpoint, the Green Party are again very clear in what they want. Repealing the Health and Social act 2012 to end the privatisation of the NHS is one of their key manifesto promises, along with making mental health a much higher priority with more funding. Along with this, the Green Party will increase funding for the NHS by £12 Billion immediately.

Yound people are key to the Green Party and that is made clear in their manifesto. Lowering the voting age to 16 is a standout decision along with policies like “Free local public transport to young people”, ending child poverty, abolishing tuition fees for higher education and ending the exploitation of internships. Training and work experience are major factors in the manifesto also, expanding apprenticeships for all qualified young people between 16-25.

Immigration is a very small part of the Green Manifesto and it isn’t clear exactly where they stand on the issue. The Green Party believe immigration is a good thing, but oppose open borders.  The changes they are looking to make include respecting the integrity of family, by making it easier for a foreign spouse to immigrate to the UK, and helping the integration of immigrants, by making English/Welsh lessons free or affordable.

With our Head Office in Bristol, we are particularly interested to see how the Green Party do in this Election, as Bristol West is the 2nd most likely seat for the Greens to win.

The running theme for the manifesto is an equal, greener future for everyone, with strong themes around discrimination, climate change and a special onus on young people being the future. It sets out radical change “For The Common Good”.

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