SustainIt Cake-off

SustainIt Cake-off


Here at SustainIt we take some things very seriously. We are passionate about providing the best customer service in the industry. We work very hard to ensure that our sustainability data management is the best it can be. And we are also very, very serious about cake. There are a few here in the Bristol office (the author of this article includes himself in their number) with a seriously sweet tooth. And others (I'm thinking of one particular Service Delivery Manager) with a mean competitive streak. So we decided to have a Cake-off - each member of the team was to bake a cake of some variety, preferably gluten- and milk-free, to ensure edibility by as many within the office as possible, and a democratic process would establish the best cake.

The entries were varied and, without exception, of a very high standard. A personal favourite was the delicate heart-shaped shortbreads created by our new Italian Marketing Exec. Also a hit were the rice crispy cakes, courtesy of Joe's 2 year old daughter. Those with eagle eyes may have spotted the watermelon in the photo - a nod towards health... The worthy winner was the lemon drizzle cake, a fiendish polenta creation by Alicia, apparently from one of Nigella's recipes.

Having communal "bring in a dish" days has always been an important part of creating the friendly atmosphere that helps define SustainIt, and this iteration has been a real hit. However, those with fitness regimes and high blood pressure may have to work extra hard to combat the less desired effects. Brown rice and steamed broccoli for tea methinks.

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