SustainIt Book Club: Sand

SustainIt Book Club: Sand


I had already read the Wool series of books by Hugh Howey about a dystopian society with strict rules and hierarchies based underground in a silo. These books had me hooked from start all the way to finish; so when I heard about Sand I was excited to read something new from Howey.

Sand is set in a totally different environment. We are introduced to a totally lawless society living in a landscape created by whatever caused the world to collapse. The characters focus around four siblings who, in the story, are all trying to survive in a very harsh environment by salvaging what is left of the previous life buried deep within the constantly shifting dunes that now covers the entire area. All four characters have their own agendas within the story which comes together and makes sense at the end.

I like the way that Hugh sets up the characters and how he has you bouncing around this post-apocalyptic landscape picking up scraps of information about why these characters are in the situation they are in. However, I did feel that there could have been a bit more information about the reason why the old world was covered in sand.

The storyline I felt is fairly slow to start but when it all starts coming together really is a great page turner. The imagery is very visual and the technical element of the sand diving believable. You realise as the story unfolds that the answers lie deep within the sand and the book comes to a crashing end in the last few chapters. I did feel that there has to be more to this story, it almost leaves you with more questions than answers – is this a set up for a second book? I hope Howey follows up and fills in the gaps that I have been left with.

All in all I enjoyed the book but felt that it needed a little more coherence.

Review by David Stockford

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