SustainIt Book Club: Making Money

SustainIt Book Club: Making Money

16 June 2015 by

The nice thing about the Sustainit book blog is that it's given me a great excuse to actually dedicate some time to revisiting a series of books that I've enjoyed on and off since I was a student (so quite a long time) and that's Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

So first, a little bit of background - Terry Pratchett was until recently one of the UK’s most successful living authors. Unfortunately, earlier this year, he became one of the UK’s most successful not living authors, which is very sad. If you find the time and you're interested, you should have a look at some of the lectures and talks he gave on Alzheimer's - of which he was afflicted; there's some moving and funny stuff to be found.


The book I'm reviewing today is "Making Money" which is the five billionth (not really) book in the Discworld Series. I'm not sure it was planned this way when Terry Pratchett started with "The Colour of Magic" but a very successful and very funny series of books has sprung out of this world created by Pratchett, set on the back of an improbably large turtle where magic and people are all just a little more chaotic than they should be.

I don't really want this to turn into an exploration of the whole of the Discworld Series, so I shall leave it as this - it's a clever, well-crafted world with a lot of humour in it.

Thankfully, the same is also true of this book.

Making Money is a clever, insightful satire of the world of finance that works very hard to not delve too deeply into the moral rights and wrongs of corporate banking, but that pokes a certain amount of gentle fun at some of the silver elements of high finance. The Discworld books have never been cursed with an excess of gravitas, and the same remains here - Pratchett writes his best when he's poking light fun at the obvious ludicrousness of modern life and that's a large part of what he does here.

Reading Pratchett’s books I can't help but be reminded of a BBC Radio 4 Panel show. Must be why I like the books so much.

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