Scope 2 Guidance: How your carbon reporting is going to change

Scope 2 Guidance: How your carbon reporting is going to change


Did you know?

Earlier this week we had the first of our joint webinar series concerning the new Scope 2 Guidance. Lead by our principal sustainability consultant Joe Jones and Greenstone’s head of client services David Wynn, this exciting joint webinar introduced and explained the changes occurring within the GHG reporting guidelines, raised awareness about the opportunity to reduce emissions through sourcing renewable energy and provided a practical example of how companies are adapting their reporting to meet the new standards using Greenstone`s software.

Were you there?

Thank you for coming along! We hope you enjoyed our webinar and we hope we provided you with some useful hints and information, enabling you to get from our experience some inspiration and good ideas for setting up your Scope 2 emissions reporting strategy. Any feedback is appreciated!

Did you miss it?

If you weren`t there…that`s a shame! We rate our event as very successful for the high and active participation of the attendees. Joe and David lead a brilliant session and there were lots of interesting questions about the topic, showing that we were right picking up such an engaging (and also complex) topic.

Feeling like you missed an amazing event?

Do not worry: we know that is not always easy to coordinate all the things you have to do with the fun things we do – that`s why we uploaded our fabulous video and on our YouTube Channel! You can also download and share the slides from our webinar here

SustainIt slides

Greenstone slides

Check out the event and let us know what your thoughts about are, and you if have any concerns or any further questions you`d like to be addressed please do not hesitate to contact us: we are more than willing to give you further assistance.

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