July 2015 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

July 2015 Client Satisfaction Survey Results



At SustainIt we are committed to give our clients the best customer service ever.
In order to achieve this, we use our unique combination of industry leading knowledge, technical expertise and outstanding service to bring a more holistic approach to sustainability and to manage and develop our clients` sustainability and CSR data collection practices and policies.

We recently asked our clients to complete a survey designed to measure their overall satisfaction and to calculate our Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The NPS methodology is based on the fundamental idea that every company`s clients can be divided into three categories (Promoters, Passives, and Detractors), depending on the answer they give to the question “How likely is that you would recommend us to a friend”.
Each answer is based on a 0-to-10 point rating scale (1 = Very Poor, 10 = Exceptional).

Survey Results Summary

Our clients gave us an average score of:

8.67 out of 10 on the quality of the service provided
8.83 out of 10 on our knowledge and professionalism
9.17 out of 10 on the quality of their relationship with their Account Manager
Our NPS Score is currently 50.00 a 50% increase from Januarys score of 33.33.

The above NPS score is amazing and a great achievement for the business.

Positive Feedback

“The service we received from SustainIt has been professional, result-focused and pragmatic, with good depth of knowledge, problem investigation and solutions”. 

“Very impressed with our recent work performed with SustainIt. I have had most dealings with Katie Stockford in particular, and she has done a brilliant job with everything we have covered. She has proven to be very capable, and has also demonstrated the ability to think of alternatives to problems we have encountered when transferring our data, which I expect will achieve the overall outcome that I am looking for with SustainIt. The work isn't done just yet, but I have confidence this will be conducted to a very high standard”.

“Very good service, quick replies, helpful ideas to improve our system”.

Overall, our clients are very happy with us and what we do for them, and all that they asked is that we continue with what we are doing and work to the high standards that we have demonstrated over the past 6 months.

We are very proud of the results of this survey, which underlines how the service we are providing is excellent and makes us proud of all our hard work.

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