Environmental Management Plans Book Review

Environmental Management Plans Book Review


This article is my review of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment’s Environmental management plans Practitioner. The book sets out to provide a clear overview of environmental management plans (EMPs) for the construction and development industry in a way which is easy to follow. I think it achieves this aim; however it sometimes gets rather bogged down in details which make these sections less interesting to read. In general the book is short enough to not be intimidating when reading it for the first time, especially as EMPs are probably an unfamiliar subject to most. The tables and diagrams scattered throughout the book are also good as they break up large sections of text and provide visual interest.

The book begins by outlining what an EMP is and why and how they are used. I found this section informative as before I started reading I knew very little about EMPs. The requirements of an EMP and good practice guidelines are then covered. The next sections deal with successful preparation and implementation of EMPs, complete with ‘views from practices’ which act as case studies by providing examples of the actions of existing companies when carrying out EMPs. These are a good addition to the book as being able to see decisions made by people working in relevant industries is useful.

The final chapter covers topics which are commonly included in EMPs as potentially being affected by development and construction. A wide range of topics are included, such as traffic and transport, flora and fauna and cultural heritage. Three possible impacts on each topic are noted, followed by a solution to mitigate the impact. Examples are then shown of how a potential impact and associated mitigation proposal could be carried forward into an EMP. I found it interesting to see examples of measures that are being taken to prevent impacts on the environment, especially since the possible impacts are very diverse.

I would recommend this book to those working in or interested in the construction and development industries, as well as those interested in how these sectors can affect the environment and how to mitigate these impacts.  

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