Defra - GHG

Defra - GHG

01 January 1970 by Katie Stockford

Defra stands for the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs and is a UK government department. Their purpose is to unleash the potential of food and farming, nature and the countryside and protecting everyone from natural threats and hazards. They are responsible for the following:

  • Safeguarding the natural environment
  • Supporting the world-leading food and farming industry
  • Sustaining a thriving rural economy

Defra have several objectives and they are:

  • a cleaner, healthier environment which benefits people and the economy
  • a world-leading food and farming industry
  • a thriving rural economy, contributing to national prosperity and wellbeing
  • a nation protected against natural threats and hazards, with strong response and recovery capabilities
  • excellent delivery, on time and to budget and with outstanding value for money
  • an organisation continually striving to be the best, focused on outcomes and constantly challenging itself

One of Defra’s policies provides guidance on how to measure and report your Greenhouse Gas Emissions. It aims to provide support to UK organisations of any size and sector to help them reduce their contribution to climate change by explaining how to measure GHG emissions and how to set targets to reduce them. Following this guidance will directly benefit organisations as it helps reduce energy and resource costs.

Organisations that use the guidance are not required to submit reports or make the data available to the government but rather it is used to help the organisation take action themselves. It is based on the GHG protocol which is the internationally recognised standard for the corporate accounting and reporting of GHG emissions. This means that it aligns with many widely used national and international reporting schemes such as ISO 14064-1 and the Carbon Trust Standard. Other schemes only cover some of an organisation’s GHG emissions but this guidance covers an organisation’s total GHG emissions.

The guidance provides a step by step overview of the approach and includes recommendations of the minimum an organisation should report on.

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