CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project

CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project

09 September 2015 by Chris McDonald

CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project

Here at SustainIt we are always looking to provide knowledge and guidance on the world of Sustainability. This blog is part of a series designed to explore the major sustainability frameworks and what they mean to businesses.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an organisation based in the UK with the primary aim to work with businesses to report on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions created using a dedicated framework for reporting on the GHG produced.

Unlike other organisation frameworks, CDP focuses entirely on greenhouse gas emissions and doesn’t concern itself with other aspects of sustainability such as Compliance or Corporate Social Responsibility.

CDP works in a less conventional way than other frameworks as it only requires information based on GHG emissions, this allows for definitive reports on things like Climate Change, Water, Supply Chain, Forests and Cities.

Each of the reports are used by different businesses where CDP is used to collect information. Using Forests as an example, the report requires information based around timber, palm oil, cattle and soy which are major indicators of deforestation.

CDP provide various annual reports based around and amalgamation of information provided by their members which is freely available on their website so you can get a real understanding of exactly what information CDP requires of a business. You can find the Climate Change report for UK corporations here.

CDP is designed to help businesses and corporations report on their GHG emissions and accelerate reductions, whilst also providing information that allows governments and CDP themselves to understand exactly what its members are producing. In the GHG emissions arena, information is king, and CDP is helping us with that.

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